Friday, 1 July 2016

穷小子's mid-year accomplishment

We are already half way through 2016. What has 穷小子 accomplished?

Started a blog
Of course the first will be starting a new blog, this blog. ^^

Attended first Annual General Meeting
穷小子 has successfully attended his first AGM. This was the first AGM ever attended although started buying shares since 2009. Slightly more than 30% of the portfolio is OCBC, hence made the decision to take a day leave to attend OCBC AGM this year. I must say, it is really an eye-opener. The CEO and board of directors presented themselves well. A lot seniors citizen, so my guess is that they may be the long time loyal investors which the CEO himself had also mentioned. Do not judge a book by its cover I must say, the investors who attended are with different appearances, attire, age groups and from all walks of life. Of course, not forget to mention about the infamous food queue, what a sight. Will be attending more for the upcoming year and try to do few write up about them.

Finished reading a book
穷小子 don't like to read books. Managed to finish up One Up on Wall Street is a good start at least. Wouldn't elaborate more about this, as the review is here. Have another good read on a book next year? Let's try.

Beating the STI
穷小子 must admit this. He had never managed to beat STI for the past few years. Beating the STI shall be his small steps to start with.
As of the last day of Jun, STI is +0.174% for the past 6 months. STI ETF is -0.69%.
If based on those stocks which purchased on 2016 YTD, is +8.575%.
If based on existing portfolio is approximately +3.413%.
Despite the Brexit recently, my portfolio managed to beat the STI at least, target achieved. This will be a benchmark for my humble target for now.

Cleared his IPPT
Managed to get Silver for the new IPPT system. $300 incentives. Translate it into dividends, it will be a year's worth of dividend if you owns 500 of DBS shares. Only every Singapore's son will understand this, the sufferings and rewards in it.

Achieving a passive income
Actually do not have a feasible target for this at the moment. Up to date, achieving at about $11 per day. Perhaps after this year shall see how much it can grows, and shall set a realistic target at end of this year.
Let it Grow! Let it Grow!

Poor Learn Rich (穷小子日记)


  1. Hi,

    Achieving $11 per day for passive income is really good. mine only $130 per month, less than 5 dollars per day. Still got a long way to go :(

    1. Hi James,

      I think it is more important to look at the yield ratio rather than the dividend amount. 穷小子 managed to achieved roughly about 4% dividend yield only, so if you are having more than that, you are actually better than him.
      穷小子 still have a long way to go too to increase the yield ratio. Let's work hard to together for financial freedom. :)

  2. Yes. start small with constant growth, you will be big one day. Just do it!

    1. Thanks Hunter. Will achieved my target one day. :)