Saturday, 30 December 2017

穷小子's 2017 accomplishments

We are coming towards the end of 2017. It had been a while since 穷小子's post, so what is he "busying" at?

2017 is a bullish year as 穷小子 would say. Despite with all the bad news, all doomsayers negative headlines, DJI managed to hit more than 25% YTD and STI more than 17% YTD. Furthermore, Singapore economy grows 5.2% in Q3, with 2017 forecast raised to 3-3.5%. With such a good run this year, 穷小子 actually sitting on his current portfolio without much major changes to it.

Below are the quick updates since 穷小子's last post.

Had divested about 30% of OCBC shares from his portfolio. Mainly is to take profits, and is already 1.3x times more than book value. In another words, it is expensive now.

Participated in its rights exercises, and applied for excess as well. The current price is higher than its pre-XR price, seems had made the right decision on getting more. CCT is still the highest holding in 穷小子's REITs portfolio, and became the second highest in the overall portfolio, just behind OCBC. Yes, despite after 30% divestment of OCBC, OCBC still has the highest weightage.

The IPO trends is back with especially most of them are listed in the second half of the year.

  • NetLink Trust, Got some in the IPO and bought some in the open market. Seems to be a monopolised business, for now at least. Main reason is buy for it stability. True enough, the price doesn't fluctuate much from its IPO price.
  • Cromwell Reit, may not be a best of the REITs, but definitely is a good tool to have an exposure in the Europe sector. Main reason is for its good diversification with 74 properties, and exposure to non-local business.
  • Keppel-KBS Reit, pretty much same reasons as Cromwell Reit, to have an exposure in foreign countries. Unfortunately, 穷小子 didn't manage to get any of it from the IPO. Intending to buy from the open market, but the forex spread via the brokerage is too much, hence give up on this REIT. Will look into this again if the price is at around its book value.

Invested a small amount in ThaiBev few weeks back for a start, with seeing the potential on its growth. Mr Market doesn't seems to agree much on the deal with the amount they spent on acquiring Sabeco. Looking to average down if opportunity comes.

穷小子 "closed shop" for year 2017 after the investment in ThaiBev.
Year 2017
Total dividends collected: S$5,129.17
Average dividends per month: S$427.44
Average dividends per day: S$14.05

STI index increased by 18.13%
STI ETF increased by 20.76%
穷小子's portfolio increased by 23.76% (beats STI ETF finally)
Looking forward to 2018, Cheers!!~

Wait a minute, so what 穷小子 has been doing for the past few months?
穷小子 got addicted in Carousell-ing. 穷小子 had an account with Carousell for more than 2 years ago, but started using it recently only.
It might be an useless and old item but it may be a precious and new item to others. Why not share them around and still can make a small cash out of it, rather than throwing them into your bin.

*Not advertising for Carousell


  1. Why did singtel divest netlink if its a good investment? The technology is going obsolate. Wont say too much. DYODD.

    1. Infocomm regulator required Singtel to divest itself of more than 75% of Netlink, so Singtel had to conform.

      Netlink main business is fibre services, and they sell dark fibre services to the 3 telcos and MyRepublic. Is fibre technology obsolete as what you had said? Are you using a more advance technology than fibre?

      Yes, DYODD, below for your reference. Thanks.