Monday, 25 April 2016

About Myself (3/3)

Path towards value investor

Ironically, while "trading" Kepland, I began my path towards Value Investor. How's that so? It was when Kepland announced to be delisted. The summarized story goes "if I had hold my Kepland shares for 2 more trading days, I would be $5,000 richer". At that point of time, I had 5 lots (1000 per lot), but I sold all of them 2 days before the news was announced. The offered price was about $1 per share more than my purchased price.

Q: What does it had to do with Value Investor?
A: Erm, if I had follow the news closely, I may have heard about the rumors about KepCorp takover and hence will not sell them.
Q: But this is not Value Investor definition. It is not about rumours or news.
A: Hmm, if I am a value investor belief, I may have buy and hold all the way. Afterall, value investor is all about buy and hold methodology.

You may argue that Kepland may not be "good enough" for the "buy and hold" methodology. My logic is simple, since Kepcorp choose to takeover Kepland just when oil crisis about to erupt, this shows how much confidence they had in Kepland, and it may be their cash-cow to ride through the oil crisis.
It may not be the best stock, but it should be a "good enough" stock for a value investor, or for me at least.
I may not be a value investor cause my Fundamentals Analysis is not good, but I believe in buy and hold methodology, and by my own concepts.

P.S. At least, I know what is P/E, P/B, BVPS, Dividend Yield, etc now.

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