Monday, 18 July 2016

Breadtalk $1 promotion

Starting 12:16pm daily from 14th to 21st July.
As part of Breadtalk celebrations for their 16th anniversary, it is having a special promotion. $1 each for the 16 top Fan Favourites bread. 穷小子's style favourites.
穷小子 used to be a fan of Breadtalk too, but had "boycott" it at least 3 years ago, since when the price keep increasing annually. But everything changed for this week (only).

Let's sees what had 穷小子 noticed about this promotion.

  • It seems like every outlets are flooded with long queue for the past 4 days. Okie, maybe 穷小子 is a little over exaggerated, but even if is not every outlets, it is at least for these 4 outlets for sure which 穷小子 had visited, Toa Payoh, Yishun, Plaza Singapura and Vivocity.
  • The promotion started at 12:16pm, but the long queue had started building up from 12 noon onwards. Seems there are many customers are like 穷小子, hungry for it, but had to "boycott" it due to its price.
  • Once the bell hits 12:16pm, the cashiers and staffs start to clear the queue fast and efficiently. Wondering how much sales did this promotion had contributed.
  • Despite having to say limited quantities for each outlets, Breadtalk has been generous about this promotion. Can see that trays and trays of breads are coming out from their kitchen during the peak hours without delay, and its staffs are encouraging the customers to get as much as they like. 穷小子 has not seen the promotion being sold out for the past 4 nights so far.
  • They are using a sell less but many method. By selling at a cheaper price, it managed to get hold of a larger pool of market crowd.
穷小子 concludes that their sales revenue might increase significantly for this quarter because of this promotion. On the other hand, the company is having a P/E of 39.78 and dividend yield of 1.32%. No doubt it is a Growth company, but still, it does not have the traits to be included in 穷小子's watchlist (at least for now).

After its insensitive marketing tactic by selling our Ah Gong commemorative bun and the infamous Soya Bean Saga last year, can Breadtalk finally pull off a positive news headlines this year?

A gentle reminder, although it is at $1 only, please do not over purchased it. 穷小子 had bought 12 pieces in 3 days. Had to stop for now, else it became spending more instead of saving more.
This post may have came late, so, every one please enjoy the promotions before the deals ends.

穷小子's post is not and have no intentions of doing any advertisement for or against Breadtalk.

After 21 Jul, 穷小子 gonna resume "boycott" again. ^^