Saturday, 30 July 2016

Last week for Stanchart Trading

Have you prepared enough for the Stanchart Trading minimum commission begins on 01 Aug 2016.

穷小子 had done these approaches. Cut the short term and build the long term. In fact, most of them are cut on the next day after the announcement.

Sold small position with contract value ≤ $3,500 and less than 1,000 of shares,
Frasers Centrepoint Limited (TQ5) *got it back, and is in CDP currently*
ARA Asset Management (D1R)
Sheng Shiong (OV8)

Hold those stocks which are planned for mid-term,
STI ETF (ES3) *sold it already due to the recent great run*

Build those with higher contract value and 
more than 1,000 shares and are planned to hold for long term,
DBS (D05)
Singtel (Z74)
These two and together with CapitaComm Trust (C61U) will be transferred over to CDP

Bye Stanchart Trading


  1. Sold small position with < $3500 contract value, because you have no confidence their upside > ~0.5%?

    1. Not really. Mainly sold them is because of the Minimum Commission.
      E.g. 400 shares of Sheng Siong, or 100 shares of Fraser Centrepoint. If sold them after 01 Aug, the commission surely "eats" into the profits till not much left.
      Hence decided to sell them, and try to purchase again if possible with a brokerage which link to CDP would be a wiser choice.
      If the price went up then so be it, is a small position only after all. :)