Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Poorlearnrich's portfolio update

The month of July and August, the second half of dividend collection! Let's have a portfolio update.

穷小子's portfolio update:

For the period of these two months, 穷小子 will be receiving a total of S$1,755.55 in dividends.

Dividends received this round: S$1,755.55

Year 2016
Total dividends: S$3,552.70
Average dividends per month: S$444.09
Average dividends per day: S$14.56

穷小子 still trying hard to increase his dividend yield for his portfolio. Although did mention that was trying to get REITS in his portfolio, still didn't manage to do so. FCT did have a sudden drop at June, but didn't notice that that day, and it recovers fast and furious subsequently. Maybe will have a chance again when rate hikes. Anyway, got FCL instead.

Been 3 weeks since the last post due to Pokemon fever. Hehe~

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