Thursday, 22 September 2016

穷小子 Style

What is 穷小子 style? Is very simple. Living with a frugal lifestyle in a materialistic society and aiming to achieve financial freedom for the future.
There is a thin line between 穷小子 Style and being stingy style by his definitions. 穷小子 would spend and pay only for what he think is worth, but a stingy guy doesn't even have this traits at the minimum.

Try to maintain a $4 per meal for weekdays (working days). Which these are almost being covered by the current passive income.
Better still. Sometimes only spend $2.20 on Zhar Cai Peng (mixed vegetables rice), with only one meat and one vegetables. Don't worry, 穷小子 is not torturing himself, he is just a person who can finish only a bowl of purely white rice only.

Doesn't go foodcourt.
In 穷小子's opinion, food in foodcourt doesn't taste take good, it is often over-priced. Still prefer the hawket centre and those authenticate market style type.

Doesn't buy drinks when having his meal.

Doesn't buy coffee or tea, only takes self-made 3-in-1.
Can have have a Cadbury hot chocolate from the many choices.

Seldom buys new clothes, accessories, or shoes.

Prefer to choose walk if it is only a two bus stops distance, or sometimes even three, depending on the actual distance.
Walking is a good form of exercise.

Doesn't take cab when travelling alone even though it may took more than an hour via public transport.
Unless it is an emergency case.

Doesn't eat over-priced ice-cream.
He will be just as contended with only a $1.50 hot fudge ice-cream from McDonald's.

Didn't sign up for any Gym membership.
Still don't understand why is there a need for signing up a Gym membership. With or without gym, the process of exercise would still the same, except perhaps that there might be peer pressures when in a Gym. He do have a set of dumbbell at home, and can do almost various types of Gym-type level of exercise in a community fitness corner and parks.

Doesn't watch movies in a cinema. Especially doesn't purchased the popcorn set even if he visits one.
Most of the shows can be watched via online in nowadays.

Now let's talk about the opposites sides.

穷小子 has at least a good meal in almost every weekend at a restaurant with his loves ones or family.
Spending average of around $30-$50, or even more sometimes when there is an occasion to celebrates.

穷小子 loves to eat.
Doesn't go to foodcourt but once in a while, will spent over hundred for a sumptuous meal, especially an International Buffet style to pamper himself.

穷小子 in fact loves plain water actually.
If there is a need, he can always go to a supermarket nearby to buy a drink which is way much cheaper than those from foodcourts' or hawker's (with the same types of drinks). NTUC is everywhere to be seen in nowadays.

穷小子 will go for a tea breaks at a cafe too.
Enjoy Starbucks or Coffee Bean once a fortnight averagely.

穷小子 only wears normal brands of clothing such as H&M, Aeropostale, Uniqlo.
Most of them are bought during the sale. Great Singapore Sale!!

穷小子 doesn't mind to pay for cab when there is/are companions.
Mainly because he has the mindset of that why not fully utilized the empty seats if he is commuting one. Doesn't mind to foot the bill too.

穷小子 will visits Cold Stone once in a blue moon.
Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Yes too.

穷小子 got a Safra membership at least for the exercise activities.
Willing to pay for a marathon event as well on top of that.

穷小子 willing to buy tickets of a blockbusters movies only.
He loves Marvel especially. Not only to watch them in a cinema, but purchased Atmos, 3D, etc. Have not tried GV Gold Class yet.

If you have for about more than 75% of those mentioned traits. Congratulations!! Welcome to 穷小子's style.
These are of course the few traits which came across his mind for now, perhaps shall update more to this along the way.

Money is important, but to live life to its fullest is equally important as well. Do not sacrifice your friendships or families bonding time if is just for the sake of saving the money.
The chances of these bonding will gets slimmer as times flies, especially when most of your friends starts to have each of their own families. Although these friendships and kinship are still close, you will not be able to meet up with them that much as before, and oftenly with due to each one's commitments. An experience from 穷小子. Remember, You Only Live Once. #YOLO

穷小子 used to splurge and spent lavishly on his drinking sessions, parties, gambles and on the branded during his younger days. Perhaps because he is in his the early 30s now, and have been through all these stages of life already, his mindsets and directions have changed.

Whether you see if 穷小子 is stingy or not, is up to one's perceptions. To him, it doesn't matters. Living with freedom and happiness, and a healthy with loves ones, is all that does matters right now. This is his belief after all.

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