Monday, 21 November 2016

Combo Banks Sold!!

穷小子 had sold some of his banks shares last week after combo Reits purchased earlier. Not all, but sold about 1/3 of DBS and 1/3 of OCBC from the overall portfolio. This move is to re-balance his portfolio, 穷小子 still have confident in our local banks for long term.
Moreover, last week is also seems to be a good opportunity to cash out to build up the warchest, after some good run on these 2 banks for the past recent days.
After these sell off, OCBC is still holding up a majority of the portfolio at about 30% and DBS at a healthy range of about 10%.
Shall wait at the sidelines to see what will happened in Dec, if there is any rate hike, before making any more purchases.

Many companies to buy, but with little cash on hand.

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