Sunday, 8 January 2017

What a good start for 2017!!

What a good start for 2017!! STI from 2880.76 on the last day of 2016 to 2962.63 on the end of first week, that's almost a 100 points, roughly 2.84% increased, for a short 4 days. Can we see a STI 3000 by month end?
穷小子 shared about his Christmas Shopping previously, so how have they performed?

Capital Gains
Those REITs which bought on the last month of 2016, grew from a low of negative 2.54% to positive 2.68% averagely. Seems like a strong comeback of 5.22% within 2 weeks. Hmm. But REITs are meant for long-term anyway. Hehe~~

Dividend Yield
These 4 REITs return an average dividend yield of 5.87%. Aiming for a 6% average initially, but perhaps too impatient and afraid of missing the opportunities.

Assuming if the prices and dividend payouts are remain around this range for 2017, these 4 REITs may be able to return a total of about 8.55% this year. Capital Gain + Dividend Gain.
Shall accumulate and re-balance the portfolio if rate hikes again. Is this so called a 把危机转变为商机? Shall revisit this post again by end of 2017.

Lets see how the second week of 2017 performs.


  1. Really good start considering that STI went above 3000. Amazing performance considering that our economy is not doing well. Expectations of trump effect and expectation of oil production being cut.

    1. Hi Investment Machine,
      Yeah!! Hopes this continues for 2017. It is always hard to understand Mr Market. Lol!!