Wednesday, 1 March 2017

February's Portfolio update

We had ended the first two months of 2017, let's see how 穷小子's portfolio performed.

穷小子 has not done anything to his portfolio in 2017 yet.
- Prices are not high enough to sell
- Prices are not low enough to buy
- More importantly is, 穷小子's pocket is still empty. Still building his warchest.

穷小子's portfolio update:

For the period of these first two months, 穷小子 will be receiving a total of S$812.82 of dividends. Slightly more than half of it is much contributed by the newly purchased REITs, feels that these are good purchases so far.

Looking at ComfortDelgro currently after reading some of the thoughts from some of the bloggers and forumers. While trying to wait for his salary and dividends to come in this week, ComfortDelgro had slowly creeping upwards day by day. Shall wait for an opportunity for a good price.

March US interest rates hike
The odds of an increase have jumped above 70 per cent, from 40 percent on Friday. If ComfortDelgro price doesn't comes down, then 穷小子 may change his direction to REITs again. Made quite a good purchases last December, looking to add more either MCT or FCT.

Ezra's joint venture files for bankruptcy. Will this become a domino effects which caused another sell-down on the banks again? As what had happened last year? 穷小子 don't know too, but it will be wise to save some money for banks shopping.

Year 2017
Total dividends: S$812.82
Average dividends per month: S$406.41
Average dividends per day: S$13.78


  1. I wonder why comfortdelgro keep creeping downward. In terms of each quarter FY result, they have always exceeded my expectations.

    1. ya, but hold it for long term will definitely pays off. looks like it creeping upwards nowadays. :)