Friday, 30 December 2016

穷小子 Year 2016 accomplishments

2016 is coming to the end with few days remaining. What an eventful year with the continuation of Oil Crisis, Brexit, Trump's presidency, Italy referendum and Interest rate hikes. What 穷小子 had accomplished?

Financial's achievement
Manged to save about 44% of his salary after all the insurances and household allowance deductions. Target to save 50% for 2017. Not sure if this can be done, but since if 穷小子 can't save more, why not try to earn more to bring up the ratio.

With the 44% of savings this year, he managed to build back the "emergency funds" which he had used last year for investments, and with some bad choices were made. As long as 穷小子 is still working, he will build them back, as a promise to himself.
The emergency funds used a 6 months' expenses as a guide, shall proceed with 12 months' expenses target by end of 2017

Putting all these aside, 穷小子 also managed to deposit $10,000 in a joint account with his loves ones. This amount is untouchable and shall continue to grow, for the house and renovations, and hopefully can get a good queue number from the government.

Had began to analyse the financial results. Starting off with OCBC's and M1's. Shall continue with the final year results which will be out some where around next April with 穷小子's noob's analyst skills.

Health's accomplishments
Participated 3 runs this year with 10KM each, Safra Run, Yolo Run, and Stanchart Marathon. All participated but yet to achieve the below 1 hour mark target. Feels body is getting older each year.
Anyway, at least 穷小子 cleared the IPPT for last birthday year, but have not attempt any for this birthday year. Gotta start training now. Target for another Silver award!!

Self-Improvement's achievement
Purchased another Peter Lynch's book few months back. Target to finish it by this year initially, but change of plans to take some certifications with relevance to 穷小子's career instead. Now we are at the last month of the year, neither did 穷小子 got his certifications nor completing the book. Reading is just not one of his traits. Too much work involvements or simply just too lazy to get it started.

Year 2016
Total dividends collected: S$4,365.35
Average dividends per month: S$363.77
Average dividends per day: S$11.92

Happy New Year~~


  1. Hey 穷小子, I am not sure as to which Peter Lynch book you are referring to, but I just read both One Up on Wall Street and Beating the Street. They are both great books, and I especially recommend One Up on Wall Street, which I think you might find very useful. If you wish to, you may see my reviews on

    Anyway, I really enjoyed reading your blog. Your perspectives are fresh and refreshing and I like your outlook in life. Here is to wishing you a great 2017 in your investments, and more importantly, with your loved ones!

    1. Hi Dan O,
      穷小子 is reading Beating the Street now, have completed the other previously.
      Thanks for your reviews link, will take a read on that. Have reviewed on the book as well too in the link below. Hopefully we can exchange some ideas from each other.
      Thanks for your support, and may you and your families have a great year ahead too.

  2. Thats a pretty crazy savings rate if it keeps going the impact will be felt very powerful.

    Have a happy new year 2017!!

    1. Hi B,
      Have not started a family nor kids yet, so hopefully to save more for now.
      Thanks for your encouragements. :)
      Happy New Year too!!

  3. Thats a pretty crazy savings rate if it keeps going the impact will be felt very powerful.

    Have a happy new year 2017!!

  4. Over $4k+ dividends in a year. Your portfolio is definitely over 100k! I am just getting $3k+ dividends ins a year.

    You are not 穷小子! All the best for 2017!

    1. Hi Investment Machine,
      Yeap, 穷小子's portfolio is about 100K, lets hope we can reach our targets in 2017.
      穷小子 is poor and still learning to be rich one day. Cheers!!